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Where are you?

According to the sage Patanjali, Yoga embodies breathing, movement, and mantra in order to control the fluctuations of the mind. The mind challenged to determine illusion from reality, while exposure to external factors and internal factors constantly alter our memories. Research has shown that holding onto memories, regarded a sign of healthy brain activity, could actually be a waste of mental energy.

Have you ever sat with family or friends swapping stories and notice how the versions can vary from one member to the next? How can you bring reality to memory? It is really impossible when you think about it, there is no reality to memory. Personal experiences can be painted many colors and easily create distorted views of reality. It is common practice to alter a person's testimony by lawyers and law officials by adding elements to memories that may change stories of recounted events.

It is well documented that memory becomes distorted as soon as the event is over, as well as every time the event is recalled. "On the path to spiritual development, the mind is overwhelmed with events and memories, all distorted by emotion and thus become unreliable the moment after the event takes place." In yoga pulling the mind to a world of illusion is detrimental to growth and

will have a negative impact on progressing toward a steady mind.

Two questions you can answer on a daily basis are 1. "Where am I?" & 2. "What time is it?"

Answer 1. "Here", answer 2."Now". Where am I, Here! What time is it, Now!

"Let the comings and goings of life continue, but you stay here & now; don't think about the future, don't dwell on the past. It is always here and now" rd. Be Stirrha Sukha(comfortable & steady).

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