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Hatha Yoga - yoga includes over 8,000 poses or asanas, this traditional form of yoga creates a uniform balance in the body.

Vinyasa Flow - the definition of movement, concentration, and breath, incorporates the sun salutations. Medium Intensity

Prana Vinyasa Flow - yoga flow with energizing breath & movement. Medium Intensity

Balanced Yoga - energy, emotional, and structural balance is highlighted in this all level class. Medium Intensity

Organic Movement - using circular, unilateral, and spiral diagonal movement for low intensity exercise. Low Intensity

Hip Opener - poses for tight hip flexors with gentle stretching. Low Intensity

Heart(Shoulder)Yoga - poses designed to stretch and strengthen the rotator cuff and thoracic spine muscles. Medium Intensity

Breathing Yoga - breath control, practice the yogic breathing techniques to raise energy levels. Low Intensity

Sivananda Inspired Yoga - traditional yoga developed by Sri Swami Sivananda, a complete practice. Medium/High Intensity

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga - traditional hot yoga class inspired by primary series  Sri Pattabii Joise. High Intensity

Supported Yoga - inspired by BKS Iyengar philosophy of using proper alignment in yoga. Medium Intensity

Gentle Yoga - a gentle yoga flow that is suitable for all levels. Medium Intensity

Yang Yoga - a strength building form of yoga that builds heat. High Intensity

Yin Yoga - high intensity stretching to bring circulation to joints, ligaments, and tendons. Medium/Low Intensity

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