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Yoga is more than exercise, it is a science that is over 3000 years old.​ Think of this schedule as a program to create balance within the body harmonizing mind, body, & spirit. While utilizing monthly memberships packages you can maximize the benefits of yoga practice and set your schedule by choosing from over 18 classes per week.



$40 hour. This gives instruction and feedback on you personal goals. Learning how to do postures or advanced postures safely for personal practice or getting back into the studio practice. Although this is a yoga studio, Personal Training also includes Health, Nutrition, Medicinal Herbs, and Fitness or Weight Loss programs. Inquire about different diets available.



Personal training sessions for over 3 individuals at a discounted rate.



A hybrid of pilates and plyometrics, designed to strengthen the (core stabilizer muscles) & "power band".



Wellness classes are designed to improve core strength, tendon strength, flexibility, and agility. These include Pilates, Mindful Movements and Tai Chi.

           YOGA CLASSES


Hatha (Ha-Ta) Yoga is traditional yoga dating back 5000 years. Other forms of yoga are derived from Hatha include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Sivananda. The goal of yoga is to ease fluctuations in the mind and restore balance to the body. These diverse yoga classes are beginner intermediate level that will challenge and encourage personal growth.

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