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Exercising Patience

Pa - tience

1. The capacity to accept or tolerate, delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

In week 8 of recovery from a femur fracture I have begun to feel restless and decided to look up the definition of "patience". Acceptance, delay, and trouble; not being able to walk, drive, and relying on others completely to get around. Not being able to change things or move forward until time allows. All good lessons in patience and being content I am sure.

Empathy in me towards others who have had life change on them overnight has definitely increased. Respecting those who have had to become dependent on others through a healing process without losing their motivation to get better and stronger. Doing this without wanting to give up is not only a test in patience but in will power.

In my practice I read a lot of inspirational quotes. Quotes like "Be Still", and "Just Breath". It is humbling now to realize that this advise to be calm is easier read than done when confronted with the reality of a life changing circumstance.

Plodding along in an effort to accomplish goals, only to be interrupted by arbitrary delays and events that alter life's direction may seem an inconvenience. remembering the philosophy of what going with the flow means and how important it is to accept changes as they come. Not being able to pick the projects that are set in front of us, but being comfortable and energetic about doing the work at the best of our ability may be more important than the project itself. When patience is lost and anger sets in it is easy to walk away from a great opportunity. These opportunities when not viewed as negative or positive may yield experiences that enrich life.

MANTRA: Om Mani Padme Hum;

Helps achieve perfection in generosity, ethics, tolerance - patience, perseverance, concentration, and wisdom.

I would like to close the blog with the 4 Buddhist Reminders;

1) Be joyful to have life.

2) Death is real, comes without warning.

3) Karmic cause & effect - abandon selfish action.

4) Samsara(satisfying ego) is an ocean of suffering.

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