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Sitting in Comfort

“Asana Siddhi”, translated, (posture perfection) “Posture is that which is firm and pleasant.”

The Yoga Sutras explain that if you can sit for 3 hours in a yogic posture without feeling detrimental physical affects you have attained Asana Siddhi. After yogic sitting mastery, a yogi becomes eligible for pranayama and other meditation techniques. Time in practice is needed to reach the state of Asana Siddhi, “advancement in yoga is measured in time spent practicing.”

Asana Siddhi puts perspective on the importance of the body being conditioned to such a degree that sitting in a yogic posture for 3 hours without consequence can allow one to experience the benefits of pranayama breathing exercises and meditation.

As an adult in 2005 I began taking Kung Fu classes at a studio where my teachers were also followers of Ashtanga Yoga and students of Tim Miller. My Kung Fu teacher hosted a small group once a month practicing Ashtanga Yoga. I was exposed to a blend of yoga and Chinese Martial Arts at this time.

Later in 2006 after sustaining a back injury I began taking Yoga classes regularly at LA Fitness as part of my strength building pain management program. In addition to this I began my home yoga practice studying Kriya Yoga of Goswami Kriyananda which were the teachings used by Paramahansa Yogananda. This led me to pursue an education in Massage Therapy and Asian Arts in Carlsbad, CA. In 2007 I transferred to another school in Encinitas, CA specializing in Holistic Health and Naturopathy which is where I studied Traditional Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Body Somatics, Movement Therapy and Yoga.

After completing my Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 in Encinitas, CA, my teaching experience began with friends at the beaches of Encinitas and Carlsbad, CA or volunteering to work with some of my previous teachers. My first paid experience teaching yoga was in 2010 at LA Fitness and I have been teaching yoga ever since.

In 2015 I continued my education in India where I completed a yoga teacher training program in Traditional Hatha Yoga and accumulated teaching hours to certify as an RYT 500. I am currently registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Yoga School, a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Education provider. I will have accumulated over 10,000 hours of teaching experience in September 2021.

My certifications include: Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 500, Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Master Herbalist, Clinical Nutrition, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist. I hold licenses in Arizona and in California as well as holding a National Board Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

My passion for Yoga comes from a desire to create a lifestyle that is sustainable. Maintaining health and vitality on mental, physical, and emotional levels. By applying progression not perfection, the practice is always changing and moving forward honoring the practitioner along the way.


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