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Life is complex or can be as complex as we make it. A societal shift begs the question, "who makes the rules on how to live this life?" Every culture has a model of laws that are in place to protect order and to reinforce our instinctual sense of right and wrong, rules that can guide and give direction. But beyond those rules is it the guru, parents, friends, or teachers that bear the burden of outlining a path for successful living?

Existing means to navigate through a series of choices disguised as opportunities. Missing an opportunity only means waiting for the next one to come along so the door that seemed to close can re-open. Knowing what the future holds and how the past has shaped us, learning the lessons to be learned before moving on from this life while adjusting to factors like karma, past lives, right, wrong, good living, and bad living.

"All things must pass" (Harrison). All things must pass in order for living in the now to become reality. Living in the present moment is only possible when the past is released and control over the future is relinquished. Manifesting reality or having an awareness of unmanifested reality takes hold and life becomes a series of agonists and antagonists that become necessary in order to transcend the complexity of life/world. "If there were no illusion, there would be no enlightenment." (Buddhist saying)


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