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Adjectives like healthy, unhealthy, productive, destructive, hectic, relaxed, carefree, and disciplined come to mind. Lifestyle is a way of living that extends and evolves throughout life. In the world of Health & Fitness, applying lifestyle is paramount in moving from a goal to achieving a result.

Having a goal is equal to having a purpose, that purpose requires a lifestyle for guidance. Yoga has the eight limb path, a philosophy with a purpose that leads a lifestyle. Yoga is a sophisticated system that extends far beyond doing yoga postures. Yoga is literally a way of living, "a lifestyle", bound by guidelines called Yamas and Niyamas. Yamas and Niyamas are the first two of eight limbs that comprise Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga and are considered the basic tenets of yogic philosophy.

These tenets include restraints and observances. Yamas regarding social restraint, and Niyamas regarding personal observances. Yamas include; nonviolence, truthfulness, non stealing, non excess, and non posessiveness. Niyamas include; purity, contentment, self-discipline, self study and surrender.

Goal is not an idea limited to a desired result, goal should be extended to mean the application of: lifestyle/philosophy. When lifestyle becomes the goal, hard work and results will coexist. To be a practitioner of ( ) and not apply the correct lifestyle is a philosophy that will yield inconsistent and possibly negative results.

"To do work that is carefully guided by a sound philosophy will yield a lifestyle that brings consistent results and positive change."

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