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Alternate Realities

As a Fine Art Major in college with an emphasis in Painting, Drawing and the Studio Arts, Abstract Expressionist painting became my vehicle for communicating how I perceived reality. An expression abstracted from reality and transposed to a more indelible pure form. Masters have created images that speak a more timeless truth than the trends that imbue the superfluous nature of societal expectations that waver year after year. Pure expression is raw, imperfect, and honest. The middle ground of what is real is a compromising place that dwells in the past and future simultaneously, both without purpose or definition.

Pure expression and awakening of true self is rekindled in yoga practice while tantric practice of techniques and trends are expiring. Yoga creates space that is held for being real, a way of unveiling self perceived illusions and replacing them with pure existence, awareness, and being. "It cannot be cut by knives, it cannot be pierced by thorns, it cannot be burned by fire, it cannot be drowned by water, it is eternal to the true self." gita

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