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What is Real

Yoga practice, according to Patanjali is intended to calm the fluctuations in the mind. Yoga can "expose the consequences of being ourselves" (gita), and over time, release the bond of attachments. Sankalpa is the power of intention and can help us to create the lives we want to live.

Eckhart Tolle defines that which is real as "that which is unchanged." The human body changes, perceptions change, careers change, lifestyles change, landscapes change. Discovering what doesn't change leads to spirit. Energy that was before and will go on after.

Spirit, soul, or life energy can be broken but also can be restored. Life changes can raise veils and cover the pure heart but time and practice can remove these obstacles. Recognizing the difference between that which takes us further away from source and that which brings us closer is a step. A journey into a practice that is connected to what is real.

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